Spirit-In-Nature: Peach Essence

March 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

The Peach essence can aid those to feel concern for the welfare of others, to be empathetic and nurturing and find themselves more easily feeling compassion.

Instead of giving to others from a sense of our own neediness, this essence should help us to give, instead, from wholeness. If you feel like you’re often selfish and too focused on yourself, that you’re not thinking enough about others’ well-being and achievements, then taking this essence may help to balance out these characteristics.

If you find you struggle to relate to other people’s lives and experiences, then perhaps you could try the Peach essence to allow yourself to take a better interest in those around you.

Read on to hear what people who have tried this, have to say.

“I want you to know that I felt the wonderful effect of the Peach drops within a few hours after taking them. I became a different person with much less concern for myself that helped me to focus on so many other things. What a wonderful feeling it gave me!” MR, Scottsdale, AZ

“I took Peach somewhat reluctantly. I didn’t notice changes, but my boss commented that he was more pleased than ever with my work.” MC, Boulder, CO.

“On Peach, I noticed that 1 wrote better letters to my friends and communicated more clearly.” RH, Santa Fe, NM.

“I took Peach two days ago. I felt very accepting. I got on the train to work, sat down beside this person and started talking to him and shared things that were personal to me—this was not like me! Then at work, I called my parents just to say ‘hi,’ called a business friend I hadn’t spoken to in months and even called my ex-wife! It’s like, I really wanted to step into other people’s shoes and see how it felt. LK, Seattle, WA.

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