Spirit-In-Nature: Pear essence & emergency spray

March 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

The pear essence is said to be ideal for restoring peace of mind and one’s ability to handle a crisis. Maintaining stability in life during major changes is key to being able to be rational and fully present in the current moment.

Accidents, illness, surgery and/or childbirth can all be contributing factors to feeling out of whack. Any physical or emotional crisis including shock or fear and extreme grief could be eased off your shoulders with the help of this essence and help you to move on from the troubling experience.

Continue reading to see how Pear has helped others who have suffered some trauma.

“I was feeling really anxious before starting on Pear. Now I’m more relaxed and don’t feel like I have to do everything right this moment. Lately, I’ve decided to work on my relationship with my mother, so I started the Pear three days before Thanksgiving. Finally after thirty-four years, I was able to talk to her. The blocks dissolved. Mom opened up too. You could say Pear triggered a clearing of the air between us.” EH, Seattle, WA.

“Pear is definitely helping me. I must admit that I’ve not been very regular in taking it. But this past week in particular I have acted much more from a place of inner peacefulness despite a most hectic and demanding schedule at the clinic.” SLP, North San Juan, CA.

“Last week I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. by a vehicle down the street that exploded into flames. Needless to say, my heart was pounding! Pear helped me get through this disturbance, and to regain composure and calm down enough to meditate, even while the fire engine was still on the street with the motor running and lights flashing.” LF, Taos, NM.

This essence is also available in a handy spray form for emergencies. Great for adults, kids and animals.

If you’re thinking about buying either the Pear essence or the Pear Emergency Spray, have a look at our online shop by clicking on the links.

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