Spirit-In-Nature: Pineapple Essence

March 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

If you’re seeking contentment with yourself, a fulfilling career, confidence and empowerment, then the Pineapple Flower essence may be able to help. People have noted a strong sense of identity and clarity when taking this essence.

It’s said to help those who suffer an inferiority complex and who are often comparing themselves to others, always dissatisfied with themselves and their job. If you or someone you know suffers from an overbearing nature, being pushy and indecisive with their career, perhaps it’s time to give the Pineapple essence a try.

Read below for comments from people who have tried this essence and enjoyed its potential benefits.

“One of my clients is a vivacious, well-to-do, fun-loving woman. She said that she felt she wasn’t good enough. After taking Pineapple, she returned and said that she knew herself and had resolved her self-doubt.” IT, Vienna, Austria.

“Pineapple was chosen for me through kinesiology. I look the essence for one month. Within that month, I fell more confident and finally got the raise I felt I deserved. It amounted to ten thousand dollars. This was a surprise even to my boss, who said he hadn’t asked for that much. I think the essence has helped me feel stronger.” IK, San Jose, CA.

“Well, I was feeling nervous about getting up and giving a talk in front of several hundred people. Someone had left me a bottle of Pineapple, so I started taking it. I noticed that I felt better. And to my amazement, I did a great job with the class.” PV, Nevada City, CA.

If you’re interested in trying this essence, have a look at it in our online shop, here.

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