Spirit-In-Nature: Raspberry Essence

March 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Try this Raspberry essence if you’re searching for help with forgiveness and sympathy or taking responsibility for your actions. Raspberry could also aid in releasing old wounds and finding a desire to help others and to increase generosity.

If you’re someone whose feelings are easily hurt and find that you take things too personally and are prone to overreacting, this essence may be able to counterbalance those emotions. Lashing out and blaming others, being bitter and full of resentment – these are feelings that are toxic to one’s self. Continue reading to find out what others have to say about their experience taking Raspberry.

“My chiropractor muscle-tested me and Raspberry came up really strongly. He called me a ‘tough nut to crack.’ I took it for a week and was able to see that I had been thinking only of myself in many of my relationships.” JP, Los Angeles, CA.

“I work with people a lot and periodically do month-long programs. I was concerned about not losing the connection with my students. Raspberry helped me stay connected.” JV, Nevada City, CA.

“Taking Raspberry for a week got me thinking about how I treat others in relationships. My response to this essence was very strong.” JP, Ventura, CA.

“My twenty-one-year-old daughter noticed a nice difference in me on Raspberry and wondered what had gotten into me.” CL, Cottage Grove, OR.

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