Spirit-In-Nature: Spinach Essence

March 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

The Spinach essence is intended to help one find their childlike zeal and sense of wonder along with the playfulness and trust that comes from that. 

It has been used to treat stress and the overwhelming feelings when going through periods of doubt and paranoia. It’s also been known to suit the “worry wart”, especially when that worry may be the result of a less than ideal childhood.

Read on for comments from people who have used this essence.

“On the 2nd or 3rd day of Spinach, it seemed that my attitude had relaxed and become a little more playful. Because I currently have a high-pressure job as an aerospace engineer and am in the process of a divorce, Spinach helps me with childlike qualities.” JN, Mountain View, CA.

“I love Spinach. Just after taking it, I felt very meditative, then spacey and then euphoric.”JS, North San Juan, CA.

“I took Spinach to help me deal with the death of a close loved one. I felt stressed, on edge, emotional, depressed. On the second day, I experienced an increase in creativity, healing dreams and a comical perspective on the situation.” MG, Palo Alio, CA.

“I gave Spinach to one of my clients – a skeptic. She confided that she woke up the next morning ‘feeling like a little kid.’” JS, Sacramento, CA.

“When I take Spinach, I remember the things 1 did as a child that brought me joy. My husband even commented, ‘You’re just like a little child.” LD, Salt Lake City, UT.

If you’d like to purchase this essence, have a look at it in our online shop.

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