Spirit-In-Nature: Tomato Essence

April 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

The Tomato essence from this range is intended to help you believe in yourself and find courage and stability. It’s to help you realise that there is no failure but only another chance to succeed, having learned from the past and therefore being wiser than before. It’s also been known to allow people to stand unaffected by the varied energy  found in crowds or when travelling and to inspire hope with strength of mind.

People who are fearful and feel weak from nightmares may be able to seek comfort from this essence. The Tomato essence is for defensiveness or shyness and a defeatist attitude, which can include anything from mere hesitation through to extreme terror.

Here is what people who have tried this essence have to say about it:

“My seven-year old nephew really likes taking Tomato. It has definitely helped him get rid of nightmares.” RB, Hayward, CA.

“I gained weight over the holidays. It really depressed me, so I took Tomato. It showed me that I am a fighter, and that I can face my problems.” UR, Plano, TX.

“I got very spacey and weak on a strict diet. Tomato worked instantaneously. I felt ‘back down to earth.’” KK, Nevada City, CA. “Tomato acted like an anchor for me. It got me through a court experience about an inspection sticker for my car. I was able to deal with the facts, and not my anxiety. I was really steady.” BS, Irving, TX.

“I was bogged down emotionally for so long. When I started Tomato, I awoke within myself to a state of clarity ” HE, Menlo Park, CA.

“Everyone who comes to me for dental work says, ‘I hate dentists, I hate to be here.’ I use these drops for my patients, and they work great.”  DS, Los Angeles, CA.

Find this essence here in our online shop.

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