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April 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

wi-fiDOTThe wi-fiDOT is designed to harmonise the frequencies from wi-fi routers and other wireless transmitters to a naturally compatible resonance. Transforming the frequency in this way is intended to reduce its toxic effects.

Wi-fi use has increased dramatically in recent years with bluetooth, routers and base stations commonly found in the home as well as the workplace, cafes, restaurants, public transport.

These wi-fi devices generate pulsed microwave radiation, which research published in the European Journal of Oncology in October 2010 showed this to affect the heart. The research especially referenced radiation from digital cordless phone base stations and revealed that some individuals are hypersensitive to specific frequencies.

This supports complaints from exposed people with symptoms including racing/fluttering heart or pressure in the chest and feelings of anxiety that mimic the onset of a heart attack.

Students in schools can even experience these symptoms when exposed to wi-fi in the classroom, which could pose a bigger problem for developing bodies. Perhaps even bigger an issue than exposure to mobile phones.

How to use the wi-fiDOT?

Peel off the protective backing and fix securely to a wi-fi router or base station – home, office, school or wherever you find yourself most exposed.

Find it here in our Universal Essences online shop!

Watch this video to find out more about the wi-fiDOT from Phi.

In an ideal world, we’d be able to limit our exposure to wi-fi by turning off our routers at night, for example. However, this is not always a practical solution and so the wi-fiDOT is the next best thing – stick it on and enjoy a healthier environment.

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