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….looks all the more possible after our workshop with Steve Johnson of Alaskan Essences last weekend. He explained that the field of energy around us (vortex) contains everything we’ve ever asked for. We just need to manifest it in the physical realm. Easy peasy. Except that we resist this integration because of blockages we have taken on during our lives (belief systems, trauma, pain, bad experiences). Our thoughts are fast so they may not be resistant, but emotions may well be. Flower essences are attracted to pockets of resistance and can disperse them and re-balance the emotions.

Gratitude, focus and discipline lead to alignment which allows our desires to manifest. We need to focus on what we want as if we already have it – to really feel what it will be like. We have to trust that it is there and then we will start to sense it. Each step we take from Wanting, to Hoping, to Planning, to Believing, to Knowing, increases our vibration and brings it closer to manifestation.

The Alaskan flowers, gems and environmental essences are particularly helpful in guiding us through all the stages of manifesting our desires and Steve highlighted particular Alaskan essence combinations in a vibrant slide presentation, alongside this we could take the essences we were drawn to.

I certainly found this a really inspiring workshop and have already started on my new approach to making my dreams come true.

If you are interested in more information from this workshop, please email us at: – that will encourage me to finish typing up my notes !


Sound Baths

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Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls

This November brings round once again our regular Crystal Bowls day with Anne Fleming. Belinda and I particularly look forward to this workshop because we get to play. Imagine a shower of pure sound energy that washes away toxins, aches and blockages from the energy body and leaves you in a place of gentle peace and calm – that is a sound bath with crystal bowls; it is blissful.

Anne has 20-30 bowls of various sizes made of several different metals including the 5-metal Tibetan sounding bowls and chimes. She has the huge quartz crystal bowls finely tuned to the vibration of the human chakras plus some special bowls, one of ‘other-worldly’ moldavite and mother of pearl.  Anne ‘plays’ the bowls in sessions lasting about 20 minutes and each workshop will include three – four sessions. The sound is primal and yet highly spiritual and permeates the whole body. We struggle to receive the healing whilst sitting on a chair as the desire is to surrender completely into the sound, so most people lie down. At the end of this workshop we feel we’ve had a glimpse into a different dimension; one that we’re always very keen to return to next time!

After one of our crystal bowl workshops one attendee said, “I felt completely transported. It is the first time I have been physically moved by sound. Thank you”.  Another said, “I could feel the sound resonating through my cells – it was wonderful!”

If you would like to come along to this workshop, just click this link: Crystal Bowl Healing

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