Do you want to Shine ?

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had a lovely experience recently with my daughter, who is clearly a performer at heart and knows some snazzy dance moves for a 7 year old. She was asked to dance in the school show and was absolutely terrified: she really wanted to do it, but was really upset by the ‘butterflies dancing in her tummy’. She was having such an internal struggle: she loves to dance, but was so paralysed by the fear of getting on stage that she was stuck – stage-stuck. So I grabbed a bottle of Shine which she misted all over herself, especially on her tummy and the next thing we knew, she was up on the stage, plaits flying, strutting her stuff. She came off and buried her face in my tummy and was so happy… not just to have got over her stage-fright, but to have had such a fun time.   She did a second performance the next day and even felt confident enough to take a bow.  She is now stage-struck !


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