Spirit-In-Nature: Tomato Essence

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The Tomato essence from this range is intended to help you believe in yourself and find courage and stability. It’s to help you realise that there is no failure but only another chance to succeed, having learned from the past and therefore being wiser than before. It’s also been known to allow people to stand unaffected by the varied energy  found in crowds or when travelling and to inspire hope with strength of mind.

People who are fearful and feel weak from nightmares may be able to seek comfort from this essence. The Tomato essence is for defensiveness or shyness and a defeatist attitude, which can include anything from mere hesitation through to extreme terror.

Here is what people who have tried this essence have to say about it:

“My seven-year old nephew really likes taking Tomato. It has definitely helped him get rid of nightmares.” RB, Hayward, CA.

“I gained weight over the holidays. It really depressed me, so I took Tomato. It showed me that I am a fighter, and that I can face my problems.” UR, Plano, TX.

“I got very spacey and weak on a strict diet. Tomato worked instantaneously. I felt ‘back down to earth.’” KK, Nevada City, CA. “Tomato acted like an anchor for me. It got me through a court experience about an inspection sticker for my car. I was able to deal with the facts, and not my anxiety. I was really steady.” BS, Irving, TX.

“I was bogged down emotionally for so long. When I started Tomato, I awoke within myself to a state of clarity ” HE, Menlo Park, CA.

“Everyone who comes to me for dental work says, ‘I hate dentists, I hate to be here.’ I use these drops for my patients, and they work great.”  DS, Los Angeles, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Strawberry Essence

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The Strawberry flower essence from Spirit-In-Nature is said to be able to help people find a strong but quiet sense of self-worth for grounding and reliability. As a result, people can have a better chance of leaving an unhappy childhood in the past and find gracefulness in the present. It may also improve how comfortable a person feels in their own body.

Undesirable symptoms that this essence may help to relieve include guilt, unworthiness and being unsure of oneself. As well as this a history of emotional abuse that has left behind feelings of self-blame and over-sensitivity while constantly comparing oneself to others, wishing they could be someone else.

Below are comments from users of this Strawberry essence.

“Strawberry not only helped me to support myself better but to understand my husband as well. On this essence I was able to know more of what his work means to him, his love for it – I couldn’t before. It also allowed me to tell him that I wanted to move, that we are living in a place that doesn’t work for me.” UK, Plano, TX .

“I wanted to try your essences for my store. I found myself needing to get more grounded. I am very sensitive psychically and am too much out of my body. The Strawberry really got things moving and stabilized me. Results were very noticeable.” JL, Guerneville, CA.

“I noticed a much more even energy on Strawberry – didn’t get as bothered by things, like the children saying, ‘I hate school and I’ll never go again!’” AB, Nevada City, CA.

“I felt better, more centered, more confident. I teel like a different person! Strawberry gave me a different way of looking at myself. Something has changed – including my handwriting! It feels like a light came on that had been turned off for a long time.” VK, Nevada City, CA.

“I felt a difference in the first few days on Strawberry in that my attitude toward myself changed. The mental tapes I had been running were replaced by new, more uplifting ones. I could feel that at a deep subtle level, I was different. There were no other external changes to which I could attribute these results. Inwardly I had been trying for a long time without success.” JC, Sacramento, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Spinach Essence

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The Spinach essence is intended to help one find their childlike zeal and sense of wonder along with the playfulness and trust that comes from that. 

It has been used to treat stress and the overwhelming feelings when going through periods of doubt and paranoia. It’s also been known to suit the “worry wart”, especially when that worry may be the result of a less than ideal childhood.

Read on for comments from people who have used this essence.

“On the 2nd or 3rd day of Spinach, it seemed that my attitude had relaxed and become a little more playful. Because I currently have a high-pressure job as an aerospace engineer and am in the process of a divorce, Spinach helps me with childlike qualities.” JN, Mountain View, CA.

“I love Spinach. Just after taking it, I felt very meditative, then spacey and then euphoric.”JS, North San Juan, CA.

“I took Spinach to help me deal with the death of a close loved one. I felt stressed, on edge, emotional, depressed. On the second day, I experienced an increase in creativity, healing dreams and a comical perspective on the situation.” MG, Palo Alio, CA.

“I gave Spinach to one of my clients – a skeptic. She confided that she woke up the next morning ‘feeling like a little kid.’” JS, Sacramento, CA.

“When I take Spinach, I remember the things 1 did as a child that brought me joy. My husband even commented, ‘You’re just like a little child.” LD, Salt Lake City, UT.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Raspberry Essence

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Try this Raspberry essence if you’re searching for help with forgiveness and sympathy or taking responsibility for your actions. Raspberry could also aid in releasing old wounds and finding a desire to help others and to increase generosity.

If you’re someone whose feelings are easily hurt and find that you take things too personally and are prone to overreacting, this essence may be able to counterbalance those emotions. Lashing out and blaming others, being bitter and full of resentment – these are feelings that are toxic to one’s self. Continue reading to find out what others have to say about their experience taking Raspberry.

“My chiropractor muscle-tested me and Raspberry came up really strongly. He called me a ‘tough nut to crack.’ I took it for a week and was able to see that I had been thinking only of myself in many of my relationships.” JP, Los Angeles, CA.

“I work with people a lot and periodically do month-long programs. I was concerned about not losing the connection with my students. Raspberry helped me stay connected.” JV, Nevada City, CA.

“Taking Raspberry for a week got me thinking about how I treat others in relationships. My response to this essence was very strong.” JP, Ventura, CA.

“My twenty-one-year-old daughter noticed a nice difference in me on Raspberry and wondered what had gotten into me.” CL, Cottage Grove, OR.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Pineapple Essence

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If you’re seeking contentment with yourself, a fulfilling career, confidence and empowerment, then the Pineapple Flower essence may be able to help. People have noted a strong sense of identity and clarity when taking this essence.

It’s said to help those who suffer an inferiority complex and who are often comparing themselves to others, always dissatisfied with themselves and their job. If you or someone you know suffers from an overbearing nature, being pushy and indecisive with their career, perhaps it’s time to give the Pineapple essence a try.

Read below for comments from people who have tried this essence and enjoyed its potential benefits.

“One of my clients is a vivacious, well-to-do, fun-loving woman. She said that she felt she wasn’t good enough. After taking Pineapple, she returned and said that she knew herself and had resolved her self-doubt.” IT, Vienna, Austria.

“Pineapple was chosen for me through kinesiology. I look the essence for one month. Within that month, I fell more confident and finally got the raise I felt I deserved. It amounted to ten thousand dollars. This was a surprise even to my boss, who said he hadn’t asked for that much. I think the essence has helped me feel stronger.” IK, San Jose, CA.

“Well, I was feeling nervous about getting up and giving a talk in front of several hundred people. Someone had left me a bottle of Pineapple, so I started taking it. I noticed that I felt better. And to my amazement, I did a great job with the class.” PV, Nevada City, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Pear essence & emergency spray

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The pear essence is said to be ideal for restoring peace of mind and one’s ability to handle a crisis. Maintaining stability in life during major changes is key to being able to be rational and fully present in the current moment.

Accidents, illness, surgery and/or childbirth can all be contributing factors to feeling out of whack. Any physical or emotional crisis including shock or fear and extreme grief could be eased off your shoulders with the help of this essence and help you to move on from the troubling experience.

Continue reading to see how Pear has helped others who have suffered some trauma.

“I was feeling really anxious before starting on Pear. Now I’m more relaxed and don’t feel like I have to do everything right this moment. Lately, I’ve decided to work on my relationship with my mother, so I started the Pear three days before Thanksgiving. Finally after thirty-four years, I was able to talk to her. The blocks dissolved. Mom opened up too. You could say Pear triggered a clearing of the air between us.” EH, Seattle, WA.

“Pear is definitely helping me. I must admit that I’ve not been very regular in taking it. But this past week in particular I have acted much more from a place of inner peacefulness despite a most hectic and demanding schedule at the clinic.” SLP, North San Juan, CA.

“Last week I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. by a vehicle down the street that exploded into flames. Needless to say, my heart was pounding! Pear helped me get through this disturbance, and to regain composure and calm down enough to meditate, even while the fire engine was still on the street with the motor running and lights flashing.” LF, Taos, NM.

This essence is also available in a handy spray form for emergencies. Great for adults, kids and animals.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Peach Essence

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The Peach essence can aid those to feel concern for the welfare of others, to be empathetic and nurturing and find themselves more easily feeling compassion.

Instead of giving to others from a sense of our own neediness, this essence should help us to give, instead, from wholeness. If you feel like you’re often selfish and too focused on yourself, that you’re not thinking enough about others’ well-being and achievements, then taking this essence may help to balance out these characteristics.

If you find you struggle to relate to other people’s lives and experiences, then perhaps you could try the Peach essence to allow yourself to take a better interest in those around you.

Read on to hear what people who have tried this, have to say.

“I want you to know that I felt the wonderful effect of the Peach drops within a few hours after taking them. I became a different person with much less concern for myself that helped me to focus on so many other things. What a wonderful feeling it gave me!” MR, Scottsdale, AZ

“I took Peach somewhat reluctantly. I didn’t notice changes, but my boss commented that he was more pleased than ever with my work.” MC, Boulder, CO.

“On Peach, I noticed that 1 wrote better letters to my friends and communicated more clearly.” RH, Santa Fe, NM.

“I took Peach two days ago. I felt very accepting. I got on the train to work, sat down beside this person and started talking to him and shared things that were personal to me—this was not like me! Then at work, I called my parents just to say ‘hi,’ called a business friend I hadn’t spoken to in months and even called my ex-wife! It’s like, I really wanted to step into other people’s shoes and see how it felt. LK, Seattle, WA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Orange Essence

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Spirit-In-Nature’s Orange essence is made for banishing melancholy and cultivating an inner smile. If you need help to resolve conflicts and you’re searching for a renewed interest and thirst for life, then this essence could help you find the power to endure and surpass difficulties you’re facing in life. 

If you suffer from depression, whether it be mild or severe, this essence may be for you. Hopelessness, despair and self-pity are all feelings that are hard to push aside, especially when there may be past or present issues haunting our thoughts. Don’t accept this mindset of “Well, I might as well get used to it.” Allow this essence to give you the strength to fight back and bring you the life you deserve and dream of.

Continue reading to hear how Lettuce has helped others overcome their sadness.

“I was trying to wean my two-and-a-half-year-old son. He got really depressed and cranky. I gave him two drops of Orange for two days, and he was completely fine.” SJ, Norfolk, VA.

“My two-year-old son was teething-very sullen and whiny. Since he was eating nothing but oranges: orange slices, orange juice, orange popsicles. I started him on Orange essence. Wonderful results!” LB, North San Juan, CA.

“I had a depressed childhood-dysfunctional, sexual abuse, the works. I am also overweight and dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I like taking Orange. It helped me go through therapy in a flash.” DDG, Long Beach, CA.

“I was depressed for a few days. I finally took Orange in the middle of the night. During my depression my knee and hip went out, and I was limping around the house. Within minutes of taking Orange, my knee adjusted itself and hasn’t bothered me since. Also, I felt my energy rising and felt like meditating-so I did. I kept taking the Orange for a few days, but the bulk of the problem was gone instantly.” MK, North San Juan, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Lettuce Essence

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The Lettuce essence by Spirit-In-Nature is to help you find your “inner quiet”. This is great for a number of reasons – gain inner strength in confrontation of difficulties, communicate your thoughts clearly, open up your ability to express yourself creatively and make confident decisions.

Such focus will allow you to siphon out thoughts that are not relevant to your current situation so that you can deal with the task at hand effectively. When your brain is congested with too many thoughts and feelings at once, you’ll find you repeat yourself in conversation, you’re agitated and nervous and cannot make decisions with ease.

Read how the people below have found this essence to provide them with clarity and confidence.

“My daughter would scream at night from eczema. After one drop of Lettuce on two consecutive nights, she fell back to sleep immediately both times. Also, I took one drop of Lettuce before a harrowing visit to the periodontist. I was instantly calmed.” MS, San Leandro, CA.

“I use Lettuce to relax into sleep, for after meditating at night I’m often too charged up to relax. I use Lettuce, too, if there are uncalming things going on with others in the environment.” RB, Bend, OR.

“My son is still waking up a lot at night, but on Lettuce, I am handling it better. I’m not as wound up as before.” RS, San Francisco, CA.

“I felt a definite sense of peace on Lettuce-closer to my centre. When you get sick, your energy scatters. It brought my energy more toward that centre…” CS, Colfax, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Grape Essence

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The Grape essence is said to invoke patience, allowing yourself to love unconditionally and without expectation. Such patience will help to accept the shortcomings of others and reduce negative energy caused from feelings such as jealousy and resentment. If you suffer from fear of abandonment, separation anxiety, neediness and/or loneliness, this essence could help you. Those emotions that cause us to feel vulnerable and alienated can be crippling to our daily lives. To regain your focus and concentration is to regain control over your life and move a step closer to finding happiness. 


Below you can read how this essence has been of use to others.

“I was lonely, overwhelmed, severely stressed as a single mother and burnt out. Plus, I had this ugly boil on my face and was very self-conscious that brought up a lot of body-image issues. I woke up the next two mornings after taking Grape feeling a definite change for the better. I had been so unhappy before!” MH, North San Juan, CA.

“Grape helped me within one week. I started writing poetry. I’ve never been able to do that before! It felt like it opened my heart. I’d be driving around and verses would come to me, first in the form of prose, so I started writing them down.” BM, Dallas, TX

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