Get four pairs of hands….

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ever felt you needed two pairs of hands or four ?!  This has just popped into my Inbox from one of our customers: ” I often feel I could do with being an octopus – having 8 arms to juggle everything that I need to during the course of the week.  I was feeling over-whelmed with the amount of things I had to do and that I would never be able to cope with it all. Taking Octopus essence gave me the 8 arms to juggle things, I also felt the calmness of the deep ocean and the sound of the sea being very soothing as well. A great essence for busy Mums and Dads with young children!”

These animal essences are made in a ceremonial process in a wilderness area of the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia by meditating and attuning to the archetypal healing quality of the animal. No animals are harmed or touched in the making of the essences and these essences may be used in the same way as flower remedies.


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