Which flower essences would help your Pets

July 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Animal Care is the perfect remedy for animals and pets who are spooked, upset, ill at ease or aggressive – whether it be through abuse or abandonment. If your pet is left alone in the house all day or is cut off from contact with nature, this essence will help restore them and it comes in drops which can be popped in their food or water. Also there is a lovely Animal Care Spray which can be used to mist your animal’s bed, cage or sprayed on your hand before you stroke them. Steve Johnson who makes this remedy has had some remarkable successes with Animal Care through his links with Animal Rescue Centres around the world. These are two of the flowers used in the Animal Care – click on the links below for a full list of the flowers and gems: Chiming Bells, the purple flower, is for sadness and despondency. It helps to lift the heart, giving hope, courage and trust. The white Cotton Grass flower works on renewal and healing from a trauma. Flower and gem essences work particularly quickly with animals. Click here if you would like to try the Animal Care drops or Animal Care Spray. Happy animals mean happy homes.


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