Which flower essences would help with Jet Lag ?

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Protection The first essence which springs to mind is Travel Ease. You get jet lag because you are squeezed into cramped conditions (except those lucky souls who travel first class – but even they get jet lag), surrounded by strangers and their germs, bombarded by radiation from the plane and, most importantly, you become disconnected from the earth, especially when moving through different time zones.  Travel Ease helps you to arrive at your destination, energetically as well as physically.  Just put a few drops in a glass of water – the bottles are very Safe Boundariessmall, so will go on a plane.  It is best to start taking it a couple of days before (5 days for long haul), during and then for a few days after your flight.  The other suggestion is Travel Moisturiser.  This is a flower essence cream and I am reliably informed by an Aussie that if you put it on your feet, it stops them swelling up – and none of us like puffy feet !  For more details or to buy these essences click on Travel Ease or Travel Moisturiser.


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