There are always flowers…

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

… for those who want to see them’, as the great artist Matisse said.  He was the creator of fabulous flowers.

But there are other flowers around us: those in people’s hearts.  If we don’t see them, this is not because they are not there, but we simply have to look harder.  A young woman once sought guidance from a wise man.  She just couldn’t get on with someone in her workplace – really disliked her.  He said that is fine, we are human, you can’t like everyone.  Then he took her outside to where the Japanese Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom.  They are so beautiful, she remarked. Yes, he replied they are, but if you look at the trunks they are gnarled and twisted.  You can choose to be a person who recognises the unattractive aspects or the beauty in another person.

Sometimes flowers are well hidden and we have to really look to find them, but they are there.


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