Spirit-In-Nature: Orange Essence

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Spirit-In-Nature’s Orange essence is made for banishing melancholy and cultivating an inner smile. If you need help to resolve conflicts and you’re searching for a renewed interest and thirst for life, then this essence could help you find the power to endure and surpass difficulties you’re facing in life. 

If you suffer from depression, whether it be mild or severe, this essence may be for you. Hopelessness, despair and self-pity are all feelings that are hard to push aside, especially when there may be past or present issues haunting our thoughts. Don’t accept this mindset of “Well, I might as well get used to it.” Allow this essence to give you the strength to fight back and bring you the life you deserve and dream of.

Continue reading to hear how Lettuce has helped others overcome their sadness.

“I was trying to wean my two-and-a-half-year-old son. He got really depressed and cranky. I gave him two drops of Orange for two days, and he was completely fine.” SJ, Norfolk, VA.

“My two-year-old son was teething-very sullen and whiny. Since he was eating nothing but oranges: orange slices, orange juice, orange popsicles. I started him on Orange essence. Wonderful results!” LB, North San Juan, CA.

“I had a depressed childhood-dysfunctional, sexual abuse, the works. I am also overweight and dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I like taking Orange. It helped me go through therapy in a flash.” DDG, Long Beach, CA.

“I was depressed for a few days. I finally took Orange in the middle of the night. During my depression my knee and hip went out, and I was limping around the house. Within minutes of taking Orange, my knee adjusted itself and hasn’t bothered me since. Also, I felt my energy rising and felt like meditating-so I did. I kept taking the Orange for a few days, but the bulk of the problem was gone instantly.” MK, North San Juan, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Lettuce Essence

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The Lettuce essence by Spirit-In-Nature is to help you find your “inner quiet”. This is great for a number of reasons – gain inner strength in confrontation of difficulties, communicate your thoughts clearly, open up your ability to express yourself creatively and make confident decisions.

Such focus will allow you to siphon out thoughts that are not relevant to your current situation so that you can deal with the task at hand effectively. When your brain is congested with too many thoughts and feelings at once, you’ll find you repeat yourself in conversation, you’re agitated and nervous and cannot make decisions with ease.

Read how the people below have found this essence to provide them with clarity and confidence.

“My daughter would scream at night from eczema. After one drop of Lettuce on two consecutive nights, she fell back to sleep immediately both times. Also, I took one drop of Lettuce before a harrowing visit to the periodontist. I was instantly calmed.” MS, San Leandro, CA.

“I use Lettuce to relax into sleep, for after meditating at night I’m often too charged up to relax. I use Lettuce, too, if there are uncalming things going on with others in the environment.” RB, Bend, OR.

“My son is still waking up a lot at night, but on Lettuce, I am handling it better. I’m not as wound up as before.” RS, San Francisco, CA.

“I felt a definite sense of peace on Lettuce-closer to my centre. When you get sick, your energy scatters. It brought my energy more toward that centre…” CS, Colfax, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Grape Essence

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The Grape essence is said to invoke patience, allowing yourself to love unconditionally and without expectation. Such patience will help to accept the shortcomings of others and reduce negative energy caused from feelings such as jealousy and resentment. If you suffer from fear of abandonment, separation anxiety, neediness and/or loneliness, this essence could help you. Those emotions that cause us to feel vulnerable and alienated can be crippling to our daily lives. To regain your focus and concentration is to regain control over your life and move a step closer to finding happiness. 


Below you can read how this essence has been of use to others.

“I was lonely, overwhelmed, severely stressed as a single mother and burnt out. Plus, I had this ugly boil on my face and was very self-conscious that brought up a lot of body-image issues. I woke up the next two mornings after taking Grape feeling a definite change for the better. I had been so unhappy before!” MH, North San Juan, CA.

“Grape helped me within one week. I started writing poetry. I’ve never been able to do that before! It felt like it opened my heart. I’d be driving around and verses would come to me, first in the form of prose, so I started writing them down.” BM, Dallas, TX

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Spirit-In-Nature: Fig Essence

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This Fig essence is made to help us enjoy a sense of humour. Sense of humour can be quite a personal thing – what is very funny to one person, may be boring or inappropriate to another. This essence can help you to gain fluidity and the ability to “go with the flow”. When we’re at ease with ourself and others, this can be liberating. If you find you have an uncompromising nature and struggle to accept change, this essence could ease any unrealistic expectations you might have of yourself, giving you an enthusiasm for life and a way to your goals in a much less pressurised way. 

Read on to see how some people have found the Fig essence to help them.

“I put a few drops of Fig in my client’s massage oil for tight shoulders. At first she thought she didn’t need it till reading about the emotional qualities of Fig. She commented later that she felt herself more relaxed in her dealings with people and that she was really helped by just those few drops in one application.” CS, Menlo Park, CA.

“I had been very tense when I took Fig. It made me very tired because I finally relaxed.” SR, Vienna, Austria.

“I took Fig for difficulty in making a decision. Shortly after, the issue seemed to dissolve. Clarity replaced it and a feeling of internal rightness.” SL, Camptonville, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Date Essence

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We all know that life can weigh us down at times and make us lose sight of what’s important. The Date essence is intended to help you to become in tune with other people’s feelings, seeing things from their point of view. In doing so, you’ll be less likely to discriminate and you could find that people feel easier about approaching you. This is particularly invaluable if you’re in a job that is public-facing. When you’re judgemental or critical of others, this can be sensed by people and cause them to shy away from you and be less open about their thoughts or opinions.

This essence has been known to offset the feelings of irritation thereby increasing acceptance, which in turn is likely to improve relationships and altogether help you to be more easy going and a more enjoyable person for others to be around. Some of those who have taken this essence have reported it satisfying a craving for an “emotional sweetness”, which had otherwise left them agitated and unhappy.

Read on to see what others who have tried the Date essence have to say about it.

“I feel I’ve suffered many disappointments since my mother died, especially in my friendships. On Date, I found that I was able to wish people well. It’s as if a new person were emerging from inside of me. It’s a wonderful feeling!” AL, Albuquerque, NM.

“On Date, I felt an invisible inner sweetness extending from myself to others. I got tears in my eyes from taking it. It melted my critical wall.” KC, Cedarburg, WI.

“Date helped my 8 year-old son find an inner sweetness that he thought could only come from eating sugar.  Rarely do I let him eat white sugar, and rarely does he ask for it. But this morning he was demanding it. We had just moved from the city to the country, and he was quite homesick for his friends. I gave him the Date to help his emotional sweet tooth, and the craving quit within hours.” MS, Mesquite, TX.

“I took Date for a sugar craving which then lightened up a bit. But what was interesting was that my taking Date made three of my friends more aware of the need for sweetness in their own lives.” JR, Mountain View, CA.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Corn Essence

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The Corn essence from Spirit-In-Nature can give you the energy and enthusiasm needed to take initiative in projects and fully enjoy and live in the moment. The willingness to embrace new doors opening in your life can make you better equipped to take advantage of opportunities that may come your way.

When people are sluggish and procrastinating, it can be hard to find the energy to make a change. If you feel that you’re stopping yourself from experiencing a fulfilled life, then this Corn essence could help reduce your lethargy and unwillingness to participate. You could finally get out of that rut where you’re dragging your feet and dodging responsibility.  A few people have commented below on their experience with this essence.

“I had been taking Corn for one week when I decided to move out of my old trailer to a new home. It was so helpful with the transition. Fast work!” BA, Nevada City, CA.

“I was going through a lot of changes: recently divorced and having problems with my six-year-old son. 1 took Corn to enhance the growth already happening. I feel it is really working with me.” BC, Nevada City, CA.

“The Corn seems to have worked better than is believable. I simply don’t have to drag myself out of bed anymore – amazing for me.”ID, Flagstaff, AZ

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Spirit-In-Nature: Coconut Essence

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Lila Devi’s Coconut essence has been found to aid endurance and perseverance needed for living life to your highest potential and completing tasks that you may have been putting off.

This essence is said to inspire a strong and steady energy so you can welcome any challenges that come your way. Being determined and not discouraged is another effect that you could experience, which can help with being solution-oriented and a “person of action”.

Do you find you’ve been making excuses and avoiding situations you feel you should actually be facing head on? Have you been wishing for an energy boost, increased confidence and the strength to embrace life? Don’t lose hope. The Coconut essence could help you rejuvenate and stand tall again. Continue reading to find out how people who have tried this essence have felt afterwards.

“I took one drop of Coconut at the kitchen table. By the time I had walked over to the refrigerator, I actually felt taller. Hard to imagine since I am 6’4″! I felt euphoric for the next three weeks.” CH, Los Altos, CA

“On Coconut, obstacles in my life became games that I felt I could easily win.” SN, Charlotte, NC.

“Taking the Coconut was truly amazing. If a remedy’s going to do something, I’ll feel it right away. My spine straightened. There was a sense of ‘nothing daunts me.’ I noticed that my voice is now stronger in contrast to my usual timid self. Now I am straightforward instead of avoiding issues. Also, I felt taller!” NL, London.

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Spirit-In-Nature: Cherry Essence

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The Cherry essence from Spirit-In-Nature has been said to help you to experience light-heartedness and hope, which can allow you to be an inspiration to others by seeing the good in everything and having a positive, “look on the bright side of life” attitude. You’ll be able to make light of difficulties, cope better and be able to help others experiencing similar struggles.

They say that laughter is the best medicine and this Cherry essence could help you to find your humour to laugh again. Sometimes, a brief (genuine) smile or chuckle is all it takes to brighten up part of our day.

If you find you or your loved ones being moody or unmotivated, always negative and finding faults in everything, as if having “woken up on the wrong side of the bed”, then this essence could solve that and ease the strain you, or they, are feeling.

Nobody wants to feel emotionally out of control and even when we want to “snap out of it”, it’s often easier said than done. When we feel like this, we tend to end up taking it out on those close to us even if we don’t mean to. This usually makes us feel even worse. Perhaps Cherry can be your “pick-me-up”. Have a read below of what people who have tried this essence have to say about it.

“I put my husband on Cherry. Now he is acting differently. He is more relaxed and smiles more often. He made dinner for us last week and even enjoyed cooking it.” R], Evanston, IL 

“My wife took Cherry and was whistling away!” TM, Ontario “I felt an upbeat energy from Cherry-cheerful, actually.” RL, Denton, TX

“It’s almost an instantaneous thing (results from Cherry). It’s much like a heavy veil lifting off. ” SR, Boise, ID

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Spirit-In-Nature: Blackberry Essence

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Take this Blackberry essence to help you find clarity and optimism, something that we’ve found means that you’ll find it easier to see the goodness, not only within yourself but within others too. This sort of positive thinking will be inspirational to you as you begin to feel uplifted and you’ll surely see changes in your life and your relationships as a result. 

If you’ve been feeling negative and pessimistic, this can spiral out of control and cause you to become cynical and sarcastic. That’s when those close to you begin to get affected. Hurting the people around you will only make you feel worse. But with the Blackberry essence, you’ll be able to reduce the time you focus on dark, unpleasant thoughts and instead change your flow of energy. Your energy will be redirected away from fault-finding into a happier sense of being, which will mean all aspects of your life can improve.

Read what others who have tried this essence have to say…

“On Blackberry, I experienced clearer thinking, sharper senses, faster speech and a quick wit.” RM, Dallas.

“Blackberry was a blessed relief. I never felt so much power from an essence. I was so flat down before taking it!” AH, Albuquerque, NM.

“You know, if I don’t take Blackberry in the afternoon, I sort of get rattled. But if I do, I don’t get short-tempered with my four-year-old.” VY, Nevada City

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Spirit-In-Nature: Banana Essence

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This post describes the soothing effects of the Banana essence by Spirit-In-Nature. You should find that taking this essence helps you to be calm, centred and true to yourself. Feeling this way means you’ll be able to step back and observe objectively without getting caught up in negativity. You’ll find yourself trusting in the concept of Karma, realising that “what goes around, comes around”.

The distance you require from certain people or circumstances to keep yourself healthy and focused will be more easily achieved. No longer will you experience that anxiety that so often causes us to lose our perspective. When we’re feeling nervous like this, our judgement is usually clouded and our ability to make the correct decisions to move forward can be misplaced.

Feel like you’re just going bananas?! Why not try this essence and see how it has helped others, such as the people below who speak of their experience.

“Banana helped me deal with both personal and impersonal issues- financial and political respectively. I have more energy to ‘go with what happens.’ I feel more whole. Also, I was having problems with my husband. Now I let him react without my reacting back.” UK

“My friend teaches elementary school. I felt that she needed a lot of help. She has twenty-three kids-sixteen are boys. She sprays her class room with Banana. It definitely helps.” GK, Newbury, OR

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